CBI Global Freight Management Ltd

Conversion Table

To Convert Multiply By
Inches to Centimetres 2.54
Centimetres to Inches 0.397
Feet to Metres 0.3048
Metres to Feet 3.281
Yards to Metres 0.9144
Metres to Yards 1.094
Miles to Kilometres 1.609
Kilometres to Miles 0.6214
Square Inches to Square Centimetres 6.452
Square Centimetres to Square Inches 0.155
Square Metres to Square Feet 10.76
Square Feet to Square Metres 0.0929
Square Yards to Square Metres 0.8361
Square Metres to Square Yards 1.196
Square Miles to Square Kilometres 2.59
Square Kilometres to Square Miles 0.3861
Acres to Hectares 0.4047
Hectares to Acres 2.471
Cubic Inches to Cubic Centimetres 16.39
Cubic Centimetres to Cubic Inches 0.06102
Cubic Feet to Cubic Metres 0.02832
Cubic Metres to Cubic Feet 35.31
Cubic Yards to Cubic Metres 0.7646
Cubic Metres to Cubic Yards 1.308
Cubic Inches to Litres 0.01639
Litres to Cubic Inches 61.03
Gallons to Litres 4.546
Litres to Gallons 0.22
Grains to Grams 0.0648
Grams to Grains 15.43
Ounces to Grams 28.35
Grams to Ounces 0.03527
Pounds to Grams 453.6
Grams to Pounds 0.002205
Pounds to Kilograms 0.4536
Kilograms to Pounds 2.205
Tons to Kilograms 1016
Kilograms to Tons 0.000984